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Frequently asked questions


Here you will find our answers to the most frequent questions of our customers. You have more questions? Please contact us!

What sets you apart?

On the one hand, you can rely on our wide-ranging expertise, not only in real estate transactions themselves, but also all other important issues. This comes not only from our in-depth specialist knowledge, but also the diverse experiences we have had over the years. On the other hand, it is our special passion for real estate that comes into play with every single order. It’s best you speak with us to see what we mean.

What services do you offer?

We accompany you professionally if you want to buy or sell a property, from the presentation of or search for the property to the organization and handling of tours and the eventual preparation and conclusion of the contracts. In addition, we provide support on legal matters as well as in the handover/takeover of the property. Of course, we can also handle financing and insurance or construction planning. We can provide appraisals or even the full range of property management services.

How does buying a property work?

First, we work with you to identify your criteria for choosing a property. On this basis, we select suitable properties, discuss the selection with you, and advise you on their respective advantages and disadvantages. In the next step, we organize visits so that you can get an authentic impression of the properties in person. Once you have made your decision, we carefully prepare the contracts, including financing and collateral.

What additional costs can arise when buying a property?

Here we operate reliably within the legal framework, which we disclose to you transparently from the outset. We discuss in detail what costs and fees you will have to pay for a property purchase and the extensive range of services you can expect.

Can I get help with legal questions and financing?

Of course, you can rely on our in-depth support on these matters, too: We, or the lawyers and notaries who work with us, will explain the legal framework as well as the options for financing and the scope of insurance that makes sense in your case. You can rely on our many years of experience.

We will be glad to help you: